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Pecan Trials Planted at Vidalia Onion and Vegetable Research Center

Written By: Emily Cabrera, IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert Source: Andrew Sawyer, Southeast District Area Pecan Agent After a year of thoughtful planning and collaboration, young pecan trees have finally been planted in what will serve as both long-term research plots and short-term demonstration plots at the University of Georgia Vidalia Onion…
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Supporting small fruit producers: regional fungicide resistance testing of Colletotrichum (anthracnose) and Botrytis (gray mold)

Written by: Emran Ali, Phillip M. Brannen, and Tammy Stackhouse Fungicide resistance is a major problem for growers, as it can lead to loss of disease control, reduced yields, and unnecessary expense by applying products that no longer work. Fungal pathogens are managed with a limited number of fungicide classes….
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UGA Professor Part of Multi-State Team Receives $2 Million Grant to Study Use of Essential Oils for Blueberry Disease Control

Written By: Jonathan Oliver, Fruit Pathologist Organic food sales topped $50 billion in the United States in 2018. Statistics from the Organic Trade Association tell part of the story of this growing market: Fruits, vegetables and other specialty crops combined to make up 36.3% of total organic sales up 5.6%…
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UGA Professor Receives $5.4 Million Grant to Combat the Most Destructive Asiatic Fly: A Keystone Pest of Fruit Crops in the United States

Written by: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert Source: Ash Sial, Blueberry Entomologist & UGA IPM Coordinator The University of Georgia has just been awarded a $5.4 million grant by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture through the Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI) to develop…
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Hop Stunt Viroid Infecting Citrus Trees in Georgia

Authors: Emran Ali, Tammy Stackhouse, Sumyya Waliullah, Jean Williams-Woodward, Johnathan Oliver Published in Plant Disease International Journal Is one of the world’s smallest pathogens harming your citrus plants? Citrus production within the state of Georgia (USA) is rapidly increasing each year. There are citrus plantings in backyards, production, and plant…
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As Weather Cools, Prepare for Fall Insects

Written By: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert Source: Dan Suiter, Entomologist, Structural Pest Management Coordinator As the weather cools across the state, several fall insects will begin to take center stage around Georgia homes. Be on the lookout for these nuisance pests and make preparations to deter them from…
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