IPM on the fly

IPM On The Fly

A podcast featuring lively, educational conversations with experts on various integrated pest management topics.

Past episodes

  • Episode 8: Vampires Among Us—Elmer Gray

    University of Georgia public health specialist, Elmer Gray, lays out the landscape of some seasonal bloodsuckers. Listen now to learn ways of keeping the world’s most dangerous animal at bay this summer.

  • Episode 7: The Busyness of Bees—Keith Delaplane

    Dr. Keith Delaplane talks about his recently published book, Crop Pollination by Bees. He explains how supporting a diversity of bee species – both managed honeybees and wild, solitary bees – is critical for the future of agriculture.

  • Episode 6: Shoo Fly!—Ash Sial

    Fruit entomologist, Dr. Ash Sial, talks about a tiny, yet destructive vinegar fly that is now a globally important pest.

  • Episode 5: MyIPM App–Brett Blaauw

    Dr. Brett Blaauw talks about the MyIPM app series. The series has now expanded to include a MyIPM Row Crops app.

  • Episode 4: Got Weeds?—Nick Basinger & David Weisberger

    UGA weed specialist, Dr. Nick Basinger and PhD student David Weisberger talk about the power of cover crops in the battle against weeds.

  • Episode 3: Your House is a Cave—Dan Suiter

    Dr. Dan Suiter talks about the most common fall bugs that like to seek shelter in our homes. Spoiler alert: cockroaches are on the list! Find out some best practices for prevention and management of pesky fall pests – and pick up some great trivia to use at your next cocktail party.

  • Episode 2: Don’t Hitch A Ride On My Hide—Nancy Hinkle

    Veterinary Entomologist Dr. Nancy Hinkle discusses the major tick species found in Georgia and the various diseases they carry, how to prevent tick exposure on ourselves and animals, and shares some important breaking news about a newly identified tick species found in Georgia!

  • Episode 1: Great Georgia Pollinator Census—Becky Griffin

    We invite Becky Griffin to talk about the 3rd Annual Great Georgia Pollinator Census which takes place Friday and Saturday, August 20 & 21, 2021. It’s gonna be good, so grab that iced tea and a lawn chair and take a 15-minute mental health break while watching pollinators!