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UGA releases parasitic wasp to control invasive fruit fly

Written by: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications Coordinator Experts/Sources: Cera Jones, Small Fruit Entomology Lab Manager and Corinne Stouthamer, Research Scientist, University of Georgia In a quiet field of abandoned blueberries and shrubby brush in south Georgia, Cera Jones released hundreds of tiny parasitic wasps into the thicket and watched them fly…
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Supporting small fruit producers: regional fungicide resistance testing of Colletotrichum (anthracnose) and Botrytis (gray mold)

Written by: Emran Ali, Phillip M. Brannen, and Tammy Stackhouse Fungicide resistance is a major problem for growers, as it can lead to loss of disease control, reduced yields, and unnecessary expense by applying products that no longer work. Fungal pathogens are managed with a limited number of fungicide classes….
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