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As Weather Cools, Prepare for Fall Insects

Written By: Emily Cabrera, UGA IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert Source: Dan Suiter, Entomologist, Structural Pest Management Coordinator As the weather cools across the state, several fall insects will begin to take center stage around Georgia homes. Be on the lookout for these nuisance pests and make preparations to deter them from…
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Cold-Weather Critters Getting Indoors?

Squirrels, chipmunks, rats, mice, and various overwintering insect pests are among the most common critters that get inside through cracks and gaps in the foundation of homes during winter months – looking for warmth and food. It’s important to prevent these critters from entering homes and buildings, as they can carry various parasites and can be a major nuisance, given the overwhelming numbers associated with some of them Not to mention, they can spoil stored food and can tear up insulation and electrical!
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