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Alternaria Leaf Blight and Head Rot in Brassica: A mystery or an old nemesis with new arsenal?

Written By: Emily Cabrera, IPM Communications CoordinatorExpert Source: Bhabesh Dutta, Extension Plant Pathologist A particularly nasty fungus is making a comeback across vegetable fields in the South but research efforts by UGA specialists hope to give farmers the refined tools they need to stop it in its tracks. Alternaria Leaf…
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2020 Soybean Update: Insect Pest Management

Written By: Emily Cabrera, IPM Communications Coordinator Expert Source: Phillip Roberts, Extension Entomologist In 2019, soybeans were planted on 100,000 acres in Georiga. At this month’s Northeast Georgia Soybean Production Meeting in Bowman, University of Georgia Extension specialists provided updates for growers going into the 2020 season. Extension entomologist Phillip…
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UGA Peach Entomologist Warns Growers, Potentially Higher Populations of San Jose Scale This Spring

San Jose Scale are predicted to be particularly bad this year for peach growers, as this pest is active in temperatures over 51oF, “so we’ve already had a lot of days for this pest population to grow” said Dr. Brett Blaauw, UGA Peach Entomologist. “This pest is so pervasive in the southeast that we really don’t recommend scouting, because it’s time and labor intensive and not always accurate. We know this pest exists in every orchard and we know it will need to be managed.”

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